The Perfect Shades for Spring

March 16, 2021
The Perfect Shades for Spring

Ah, Spring. Here in Texas, Spring is fleeting. We get but just a few weeks of beautiful weather before our temperatures stay in the 90’s all summer long. Due to this, many homeowners love to decorate for spring and preserve that fresh feeling for as long as they can! We’ve chosen a few pantone paint shades that perfectly capture the essence of spring, and blend into even the most modern interior design trends!

Heirloom Lilac

Lilac is one of the newer trends we’ve been seeing pop up this year. This pantone shade is on the darker side, with some apparent gray undertones that allows it to act as more of a dark neutral, rather than a pastel. This shade would be absolutely perfect as an accent wall for a darker, cool toned room!


A few years back, “millennial pink” became extremely popular, and it’s safe to say the pink trend is here to stay! While elderberry definitely has some pink undertones, it’s more of a muted berry color. As part of the mauve family, it has both pink and purple tones, combining to create a gorgeous shade that would work beautifully in a sophisticated dining room, or as a cabinet color in a bright, fun kitchen!


This shade is almost like a classic beige-neutral, but it’s subtle pink undertones give it a bit of edge and interest that we think would work really well in a lot of homes. We love seeing the “neutrals” family expand, and see clients open to new tones!


This is the ultimate, soft dusty blue shade that you’ve been searching for. For those that are tired of neutrals but prefer lighter colors, try this out in your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen. It’s great for just about anywhere! 

Aqua Haze 

This is a beautiful shade of light teal that rests right in the middle of blue and green. This would be a great choice for an accent wall, or to use in the kitchen as a pop of color on your cabinets and woodwork.

Did any of these colors strike your fancy? If you’re ready to get your home fresh for spring, give us a call today!