Accent Walls are Making a Come Back

February 16, 2021
Accent Walls are Making a Come Back

Accent walls have been popular for quite some time now, and for good reason! They allow people to experiment with bold colors and patterns, without the commitment of painting an entire room. This way, the everyday homeowner is able to play with color in their home, without it being too overwhelming. And if they end up not liking the color, it is simple to repaint one wall instead of four. It’s a win-win!

Over the past couple of years, as interior design and home trends have begun to shift and change, accent walls are evolving to fit into modern home designs. Keep reading to find out how accent walls are making a comeback!

First things first, accents walls don’t have to be a bright color. They don’t even have to be a bold color. They simply offer a chance to bring contrast into a room. So if you’re not a fan of dark blues or bright reds, no need to worry. You can still enjoy an accent wall! 

Some of our favorite color options include:


  • Black (with blue tones)
  • Navy
  • Emerald Green
  • Dark Grey


  • Sage or Olive Green
  • Light Blues (with grey tones)
  • Grey
  • Wood (shiplap or patterned)
  • White with a painted pattern

As you may notice, cool toned colors are typically more popular as accent walls. Unlike warm tones, cool tones are generally more relaxing, and pair with a wider variety of colors! 

Accents draw attention to architectural features.

Do you have a favorite feature of your room? Perhaps you love your new painted brick fireplace, or the kitchen has a beautiful indented breakfast nook. By choosing a suitable, contrasting color that coordinates with the rest of the room, you can draw more attention to your favorite areas, highlighting instead of hiding them.

Paint your built-ins to act as accent walls.

Built-in cabinets, bookshelves or even kitchen islands offer a fantastic opportunity to bring in a contrasting color, introducing another element of interest into a space. Imagine an all-white kitchen with an island whose base is painted a deep, dark blue. This one pop of color transforms the way the space feels, bringing a sophisticated feeling, without causing the entire room to feel dark. Just a touch of color in the right place- that’s what accents are about!

Accent walls help define purpose in your space.

Use color to help define purpose in the midst of a large space. Perhaps your living room is an open floor plan, and you’re seeking to define the spaces within that large room. An accent wall can help determine what part of that space is your dining room, without using any kind of divider.

Have some ideas on how an accent wall can elevate your space? Contact us today, let’s add a pop of color to your home!