Save Money on Your Next Paint Job!

April 22, 2021
Save Money on Your Next Paint Job!

Many homeowners try to save a couple bucks by painting their house themselves. While the cost of paint is cheap, hidden costs such as supplies and equipment tend to add up. Not to mention the many hours you’ll spend trying to perfect your DIY paint job! 

Rather than sacrificing your weekend, hire professionals that can do the job right, and in a timely manner! Looking for ways to save money on your next painting project? As professionals, we can help with that! Read on to discover our top money-saving tips.

First, compare quotes!

If it’s your first time hiring a painter in the area, compare several quotes to ensure you’re getting a fair price. But remember, don’t discount quality! Keep your eyes peeled for companies with plenty of years of experience, and a repertoire of good reviews. Be sure and ask questions so you have a good understanding of the service being provided! 

Provide your own paint.

The cost of paint typically makes up nearly a fourth of the total bid, so providing your own paint is a sure-fire way to reduce the overall price of your paint job. However, be sure you’re purchasing high quality paint that is meant to last! By using cheap paint, you’re shortening the life of the paint job you’re spending good money on . 

Additionally, be ready and willing to pick up more paint should your painters need it! Before purchasing, it’s smart to ask for an estimate on how much paint will be needed for your project, to avoid running out.

Stick with lighter colors.

Not only are lighter colors easier to paint over, but they also tend to last a lot longer! Darker paint colors will fade faster, and show dirt and grime more easily. Additionally, they are harder to paint over. To avoid more frequent paint jobs, stick with light shades!

Maintain your paint job.

Don’t wait too long in between paint jobs! This is the biggest mistake we tend to see. People think they are saving money by stretching their paint jobs to the limit, when the opposite is true. 

If you’re waiting until the point where your paint begins bubbling, peeling or blistering, it’s going to cost far more to repaint, simply because of the hours spent preparing the surface to be painted. Trust us, routine maintenance is your friend!

We hope you found a few of these tips helpful! The next time you’re in the market for a paint job, give us a call!