Spring Refresh

March 14, 2018
Spring Refresh

Spring will be here before we know it. Have you planned your spring cleaning checklist?

Some homeowners groan at the sound of it, while others have a weekend already blocked off on their calendar.

The appeal of spring cleaning is largely this…it only comes once a year. It can be kind of freeing if you plan it right. That feeling of crisp mornings and sunny afternoons comes with new-found inspiration to dust those spots that you can’t see, clean out the refrigerator, even purge your closet. But what’s the point in deep-cleaning a space that doesn’t feel fresh in the first place?

This spring, instead of relying on dusting and scrubbing to make you feel refreshed, try giving your space a refresh first. Often times, redecorating can feel expensive, time-consuming and consequently, overwhelming. Is there a room you’ve been putting off for awhile? Here are some ways to quickly give any space the refresh it needs.

Textiles are often responsible for the color scheme of the room. By switching out the curtains, throw pillows, or even adding a rug, you have the power to totally change the feel of the space.  Always consider texture when choosing new items, as this can also significantly influence the environment you’re trying to create.

A few new trinkets can go a long way. Look at your shelves, dressers or side tables…are they empty? Overcrowded? Outdated? Introduce a new plant or hand-pick a few of your nicer hardcover books to display tastefully in those areas. It could be as simple as putting that candle you love into a new vase or jar to hide the peeling label.

Lighting. is. everything. Determining how many lamps to use and where to put them is one of the more important choices you will make for your space. Lamps affect the hue of your walls, add a level of warmth, and can easily fill those awkward empty corners. Make sure you have the same toned light bulbs throughout the room to avoid multiple hues in one space.

Share some ideas you’re planning on using to refresh your space this spring!

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