Back to Blonde

April 10, 2018
Back to Blonde

It seems like trends are constantly in a cycle…everything ends up coming back around.

Blonde wood was big back in the 90’s and here we are again, straying from the bold, dark stained pieces and moving towards the airy feel of light wooden tones. If you’re struggling to make the switch, we have some tips for highlighting your favorite blonde wood pieces.

First, let’s identify some of the types of wood that we’re talking about here. Birch, Ash, Beech, and Maple are all natural blondes (pun intended) but don’t be afraid to strip, bleach and/or stain your current pieces if you’re looking for a project to switch things up.

Wood can be a very unifying element to an otherwise jumbled space. In fact, if you utilize your dominant pieces (shelves, seating, tables, etc.) you can easily incorporate lots of bold decorative pieces that otherwise struggle to exist in the same space.  If you do end up leaning towards the lighter toned woods, it is important to make sure you don’t let your accessories and additional pieces blend in. It is easy to let your space get completely washed out with light wood tones and mild decor. Be intentional with contrasting them against your textiles, wall art, etc.

It can be tempting to try bold wall colors with a space full of muted wood tones, but be careful! This creates contrast, but not necessarily the kind you want. Keep your wall tones creamy and light as you bring in accessories to achieve that desired contrast.

One last thing…don’t get rid of your wooden accessories just because you’re bringing in other wood pieces! Wood on wood can be beautiful as long as the tones blend well, so play around with incorporating them into your space and see what works. A kitchen can be an especially fun area to try this with. Wooden bowls, cutting boards and utensils paired with a soft wall color and exposed fruits or vegetables make for a very enticing space.

Have you incorporated blonde wood into your home recently? Share a picture of your project, whether complete or in progress…we’d love to see it! If you are considering a new project, give us a call at713-664-5150. We will make sure your space is perfect down to the last brush stroke.