Incorporating Florals In Your Home

February 26, 2018
Incorporating Florals In Your Home

There is a delicate balance to maintain when it comes to incorporating florals into your home design. Too many floral prints can make a space look too busy, and too few floral prints won’t be enough to accomplish the look you’re going for. Here are a few tips and tricks to help create a refreshing floral look in your home:

Use throw pillows –

Small accents can be very effective when trying to accomplish a certain look. Throw pillows have the ability to completely transform any couch, assuming you coordinate the colors correctly. Try placing two similar floral print pillows in each corner of your couch. Pick out the best colors from your floral pillow and accent those with some textured solids (pillows or throws) to create a fresh, yet cozy vibe.

Use artwork – 

Artwork can be tricky to incorporate into an existing decor. If you can’t start with a piece to build the room around, make sure you have a few key colors and tones in mind when shopping for that perfect piece. Florals can get too busy very quickly, so try to keep it simple if you’re adding multiple floral items to a room. A floral art piece has the potential to make the whole wall become a focal point, using “white” (or whatever color your wall is) space to its advantage.

Use actual flowers –

Real flowers have an instant cheering effect on any room. This is something you have to upkeep almost weekly depending on the flower – unless you manage to find fake flowers that suit the room and appear real enough for your taste. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect color florals to match your color scheme, consider greenery instead. It has the same bright and cheery effect and often compliments other florals in the room very well, tying everything together. The other perk of using greenery is you can have fun with vase colors and sizes throughout the room without fear of overdoing a particular flower or floral arrangement.

The key to incorporating each of these elements is making sure they all work together. If you choose a busy pillow pattern, go for a more simplistic piece on the wall. If you use fresh flowers, keep your color scheme in mind when you’re picking them up at the store. Random and careless choices show easily when decorating with floral. Utilizing the right solid elements with an occasional pop of floral makes for a well-balanced, bright and inviting room.

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