Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

May 28, 2021
Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

In the home industry, curb appeal is your greatest asset. The exterior of a home is one’s first impression, and it’s important to make it a good one! Though first impressions aren’t everything, they are extremely important when it comes to attracting potential buyers!

When it comes time to sell one’s home, typically, much of the money for renovations goes towards the interior. However, don’t underestimate what a simple coat of paint on your exterior can do! It’s important to set aside some of your renovation budget for updating the outside, resulting in more interested buyers, and often a higher selling price! 

Now to choose a color! Your choice of color should depend on a couple different factors, including budget, neighborhood and the style of your home. For example, if your home is currently a dark color, it may cost more to repaint it in a lighter shade. Additionally, if your neighborhood is filled with classic homes in neutral colors, sticking to that general color scheme will be your best bet. When in doubt, consider your ideal buyer! Here are some of the current top color schemes for exterior repaints…


The most popular choice, neutral shades are always a safe bet. These shades appeal to a wide range of buyers, and work well in any neighborhood. Light and dark grey, beige and tan are all great choices that will stand the test of time, and also require less maintenance over all.

Shades of Blue

Blue is a great choice for those who want to do something a little bit different with their exterior color, but still want to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Both light and dark blue have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These color schemes seem to fare particularly well with Craftsman style homes, typically paired with trim in a crisp white. 

Green and Brown

These earthy colors are great choices because they tend to blend into the surrounding natural atmosphere. This way, you get a nice pop of color without it seeming too stark. In this color scheme, the darker the shade the better! To maintain a sophisticated appearance, we suggest staying away from light greens.

White and Black

Lastly, we have the classic combination of white and black. These days, stark white houses are one of the most popular home trends. With trim or shutters in the right shade of black, this combination will make any home look fresh and modern.

Need advice on which color to choose for your exterior repaint? Give us a call today!