Outdoor Trends to Get You Ready for Summer

April 26, 2019
Outdoor Trends to Get You Ready for Summer

With the temperatures warming up and school winding down, we are in full on summer planning mode. This time of year might give you the “bug” to redo or spruce up your outdoor living spaces. With every season comes new trends, this year brings some fun details you might want to add your space.

  1. Inside trends outside

One thing you might notice when shopping for new items is that materials you normally would find indoors are making their way outdoors. Luxurious materials are showing up on patios. Don’t be afraid to use materials like linens for pillows or with your table settings. Also, brass accessories and fixtures are showing up everywhere, and will make a nice addition to your decorating.

  1. Mix your materials

Combining mixed materials always brings in a little character and happens to be a big trend this year. Mix your woods, fabrics, and metals. You might see outdoor seating that combines a metal frame with rope detail, mixed complimented by a bright colored fabric. Also mixing contemporary finds like tables, with a beautifully aged piece of furniture will also help you achieve the look of this trend.

  1. Neutrals

Neutral colors help create a peaceful and rejuvenating setting. They can give off a coastal vibe or blend in with nature. Adding beautiful hues of blue will set this trend in motion. Keeping things neutral is timeless, so keep your main pieces neutral and then change the look by adding in new colorful accessories to keep it up to date without breaking the bank!

Whether you are completely giving your outdoor space a new look, or just adding in a few new details, these trends will be popping up everywhere. At Spear Paint we can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. We specialize in painting fine homes and estates, and can get started on your outdoor project today. Visit us at www.spearpaint.com, to see how our craftsmanship and attention to detail sets us apart.