Tips to Picking the Best Paint Color

June 07, 2019
Tips to Picking the Best Paint Color

Are you tired of the beige walls that have been in your living room for 10 years and wanting to change things up in your home? Picking a new paint color can be overwhelming, which is why so many of us keep the wall with the “waving wheat” color for years. Don’t let choosing a paint color scare you, it’s just paint! Scrolling through pinterest or going to the paint store and looking through all the swatches can definitely give you inspiration…but how do you choose? Here are a few tips that might help you.

  • Be Aware of the Surrounding Colors and Light

The first thing you will want to do once you have picked out some swatches of your favorite colors is to place/paint them on the wall you are wanting to change up. Color can be tricky and even an optical illusion at times. For example, if you are wanting to paint your walls a shade of cream and there is red couch near that wall, when the light hits the couch, it could make that wall look a little pink because of the way the light reflects in that room.  Also, test the color out at different times of the day. The morning light through the window hitting the walls might be the perfect shade of blue you were hoping for, but then at dusk you might decide it looks too gray. The natural ambience, lamps, or other lighting throughout your home can definitely change the look of the paint color, so be aware of that when making your final decision.

  • Make Sure the Paint Color Fits with the Style or Theme of Your Home

If you are only changing up one room of your home, you will want to make sure that it will still “flow” with the rest of your home. Usually warmer colors go with a more traditional style home, and the cooler colors are usually in a more modern style home. Move the swatches around the house, and make sure that it all fits cohesively with the rest of your furnishing and accent pieces.

  • Just Go With It

Once you have picked the color, be confident, and just go with it! Remember it is only paint. Decide on the style/theme you want for your home and the paint color will only enhance that. Color is all about creating a mood, so pick the color that you want to come home to everyday.

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