To Save Or To Spend On Quality Paint?

March 29, 2019
To Save Or To Spend On Quality Paint?

It’s safe to say that most of us find ways to save money any way we can. Whether it is waiting on your favorite annual sale, searching to find the best discount on that 70” high definition TV, or holding out for the BOGO deals. While bargain shopping is a rewarding strategy towards making your purchases, there are some items that require the opposite approach. When choosing paint for the interior of your house, the quality should be of high consideration- if not the top priority. Quality paint is going to be worth the extra dollar in regards to your long term investment.

Consider this, the finer the product the better the ingredients, right? Think about your food, or your colognes and perfumes. When you pay the extra dollar for the better ingredient or product, you are likely to have a better experience. The better the ingredients, the more likely you are going to enjoy your meal. The better the ingredients used to make your new scent, the longer it lasts and the fresher you feel wearing it.

When it comes to paint, a higher quality paint is going to give you a smoother finish as it is applied. High quality paint will last, preventing you from frequent touch ups in the future. The pigment and consistency will result in less coats before reaching full coverage. Paint is made up of pigments, resins, and solvents. The cheaper brands of paint will use diluted ingredients, resulting in a less consistent coat. When you purchase high quality paint, you are going to see a paint that has better color retention, is stain resistant, has better adhesion, and with long lasting durability. The alternative to quality paint is a cheaper brand that is sure to be a waste of money when considering things in the long term.

Just as important as choosing the right paint, it is also important to choose the right paint company to help you. Spear paint uses only high quality paints as we specialize in the repainting of fine homes and estates. Craftsmanship is critical to the quality of every job at Spear Paint, our painters are all extensively trained in the craft. Call us today at 713-664-5150, so we can help you select the perfect paint!