Color for the Whole Family

March 30, 2020
Color for the Whole Family

No matter what name you give it – family room, living room, den, rec room – this is the room where everyone comes together to relax and spend quality time with one another. As a gathering area for the entire household, why not include all family members when making a decorating decision like paint? If you’re thinking “that’s crazy, we won’t all agree,” just give it a minute and consider this…

If you’re starting with an empty slate (new home or remodel) and the furniture and accents have not yet been chosen, you have the opportunity to incorporate all family members’ personalities into the paint color choice. If you have young children in the home, consider going with bright yellows and soft greens to stimulate creativity and happiness. If you feel your kids run you ragged and everyone could benefit from some calm, go with shades of blue. 

If you’re redecorating, have everyone choose their favorite item currently in the room and see if any of the colors are similar. If everyone chooses something red, for instance, and you do not want red walls, use red as an accent color by painting trim, windows, built-in shelves, or doors. Choosing a color in the same color family, just a few shades lighter or darker than the consensus color is also an option.

Still overwhelmed at the idea of so many opinions? Why not create your top three color scheme ideas and then put it to a vote? This way you’ll ensure you get something you’ll be happy with, and the rest of the family feels like their input is valued. Kids will feel very grown-up by helping to make important decisions like this and that will also help them have a sense of ownership, which could lead to a desire to keep the room neat and tidy. (Hey, we can hope!)