Make a Bold Paint Statement

February 24, 2020
Make a Bold Paint Statement

In the last article, we discussed how to paint your ceiling. Ceilings have long been the neutral wall in a room, but in recent years, painting your ceiling in a non-neutral color has become a major decorating trend. But, what if you’re not into painted ceilings? Here are some other ideas for non-traditional areas to put a pop of color that will make your home the talk of the town.

· The front door. The main entrance to your home sets the tone. While some communities may have homeowners association restrictions on what exterior colors you can use, the interior side is all yours for the painting. Pick a color from your kitchen or living room and paint the door in a high gloss version. (Semi- and high-gloss finishes are washable and this will come in handy when washing off any grimy fingerprints or shoe scuffs.)

· Paneled doors. Bedroom, bathroom and closet doors are traditionally white. What if you bucked that tradition and painted them the same color as the surrounding walls? Alternately, you could just paint the raised panels and leave the rest of the door white, setting off some great geometric shapes in a room-matching or room-complimenting color.

· Molding. White crown molding and floor molding can be quite boring when paired with neutral walls. Why not spice things up with a semi-gloss dark color on these wall borders? You could go a couple steps darker on the shade wheel of the corresponding wall color, or leave the walls white and have the molding make the statement.

· Banisters and rails. This one’s for the adventurous at heart. If you’re tired of the wooden and white stair rails, be creative and choose a color to put up here. Look for inspiration from your living room rug, sofa pillows or other accent pieces and paint the banister, rails, and floor molding. Something unexpected like this will make a conversation starter for anyone who walks in your front door!