Perfect Paint Colors for Spring

April 23, 2020
Perfect Paint Colors for Spring

Need a fresh coat of paint? For many of us, Spring means it’s time for a good thorough cleaning of our house- but how about taking this as a chance to refresh your decor as well? A fresh coat of paint can be underestimated at times. By simply changing the color of your walls- even just one wall- you can completely change the feel of the room, making it like new. 

Neutrals are always a great choice, as they can match any season. However, if you’re looking for something a little more interesting, keep reading to discover three of our favorite shades perfectly suited for Spring.


This color has become a new classic. It’s understated, sophisticated and classy but also brings an element of fun to the room. Blush has almost become a new neutral, and it can easily be transitioned into any season. If you’re a fan of grey, white and beige, give blush a try to expand your horizons, while still keeping a flexible, muted palette.

Sage Green

Over the last year, we’ve seen a huge influx in use of the color green- in everything from clothes, furniture, and accessories to paint. Sage green, or olive green is an extremely popular choice, These light green hues are reminiscent of spring time, and can bring a fresh, airy feel to a room while making a statement with color. Green is an extremely versatile color, lending itself to a number of different interior design styles. 


There are a number of different approaches you could take with yellow. Mustard yellow is popular, and would be a great choice for a moody accent wall. Pastel yellows are a nice choice for an all over wall color- as they’re light enough not to be too overbearing, but still offer that bright, cheery feeling that goes well in a kitchen, bedroom or even your home’s exterior. 

All of these color choices are sure to make a splash in your home this season, to help freshen up your space and embrace the many colors of spring!