Behavior Based Safety Observation Program

June 08, 2016
Behavior Based Safety Observation Program

Putting the safety and well-being of our valued employees first and foremost is just one aspect of Spear Paint that has helped us stay in business for 40 years. We’re a family company and we care about our employees as if they shared the Spear name. Safety is so important to us that we’ve developed and follow a comprehensive safety manual (its 230 pages long, just in case you were wondering!).

One of the highlights of our Behavior Based Safety program is conducting observations of our employees while they are on the job. Supervisors, job foremen, and even colleagues will intentionally observe Spear team members while they are working and provide feedback. We gather data about the job site, point out any potential risks, and identify the personal protective equipment necessary, among other things. After the observation is complete, the observer will have a conversation with the observed employee and give him feedback on his work performance from a safety perspective. Both observer and employee understand that there will not be any consequences arising from this discussion; that it is for learning and improvement purposes only.

We document this feedback to help reinforce safe behaviors and to identify anything that should be changed to reduce risks in the workplace. Our management team reviews these reports to see if there are any trends in unsafe behavior that can be addressed via additional employee training. Action plans are created and followed through.

Our employees know how important their safety is to us. They are encouraged to positively point out safe behaviors amongst themselves and to set good examples. When we all work together as a team and look out for each other’s personal safety, good things continue to happen.