Our Continued Commitment To Safety

June 15, 2016
Our Continued Commitment To Safety

Spear Paint is a proud member of ISNetworld (ISN), the globe’s leading supplier and contractor management resource. In a nutshell, ISN connects hiring clients with contractors with great ease for both sides. Established in 2001, ISN is leading efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contractor management systems and serving as a forum for sharing industry best practices.


Top goals of ISN are creating safer work environments and lasting partnerships. That’s why Spear chose to become a member – our commitment to safety is paramount and we want to show clients, especially in the industrial arena, just how serious we are. In order to become a member of ISN, we had to submit all of our health and safety, environmental, and quality programs for review. Additionally, our injury and illness records, insurance certificates, workers’ compensation and experience modifier data were collected and sent to ISN for review. They also scrutinized our training methods and finally approved us for membership. As you can see, not just any contractor can become part of their network.

Now that we are members, we have access to ISN’s benchmarking publications that allow us to measure our health and safety data against industry peers, gauge performance, and help us see if or where changes are needed to drive improvement. Membership also benefits us because ISN identifies contractors who meet both client-specific and regulatory standards, so Hiring Clients can more easily find us and reduce the time they spend vetting potential contractors who may not measure up. Our clients appreciate this because it lowers their internal costs as well as gives them peace of mind.

Being members of ISN is just one of many things we do at Spear to publish our commitment to safety. We want our clients to know that it’s not just lip service or showing off a thick training and safety manual that proves our dedication, it’s becoming members of organizations that hold us accountable to these standards, too.

For more information, visit www.isnetworld.com.