The Spear Paint Story

June 01, 2016
The Spear Paint Story

Spear Paint was founded in 1976 by Craig Spear, who still runs the business today. Craig began painting houses as a part-time job while in high school. He realized after working for a few months that he had a real passion for perfection and that painting was an outlet for him. At the age of 14, he created his own company with one partner, whom he bought out after high school graduation for the grand sum of $400.

So how has Spear Paint stayed in business for four decades? Easy! Treat employees, vendors, partners, and clients with respect, and follow the golden rule. Spear is very proud of the people they employ and they place a heavy emphasis on keeping employees happy and training them well. Craig feels that they have the best painters in all of Houston – they have a passion for doing their job. Spear only hires honorable people and all of the employees are paid a good wage and treated with respect and gratitude. Craig appreciates being able to find people who buy into his passion and share it, and as a result they have several long-tenured employees.

Another way they’ve been able to stay in business so long is by focusing on one job at a time. Each time the phone rings or a new customer reaches out, Spear employees go the extra mile to make each customer feel like they are the most important. Customers can call anyone at Spear and know that they are speaking with an expert.

Craig and his family grew up in Houston, so they are very familiar with the people and the area. Craig’s mother works at Spear Paint in a customer service and managerial role. She is also the gatekeeper, so chances are she knows the customer calling personally, or knows their family as she’s been a fixture in the community for so long. Craig’s mom gives the business a real personal feel and she’s a huge asset to the team.

While the residential division is Craig’s passion, he came into some opportunities in the mid-1980s to start a commercial division. Over the years, Spear has worked on many hotels including Hotel Zaza, The DoubleTree, and The Magnolia. They have worked in every hospital in Houston and surrounding suburbs, as well as the popular dog track in La Marque. Spear has also done work for major department stores like Macys, Dillards, and the former Foleys stores.

Keeping it in the family, Craig’s son Brett now runs the industrial division. He has taken the same passion for service to that division and has created some mutually profitable partnerships with several large corporations. The industrial division is relatively new, but it is growing at a rapid pace.

Craig’s biggest hope is that the company remains family-oriented as it enters the next 40 years, and that they continue to operate at the highest levels. He is especially proud of their people and is grateful to them and their customers every day.