Looking for a Way To Make Your Space Stand Out? Look Up.

May 08, 2018
Looking for a Way To Make Your Space Stand Out? Look Up.

Paint is our thing. It’s literally in the name. So we understand the gravity of color and quality when designing any space. The tones and finishes you choose have the power to completely change not only your mood, but the mood of the room and even the rest of your home. No pressure but…that’s a lot riding on a seemingly small decision.

There are plenty of ways to make sure you choose the right color before you get too deep in the paint, but we’ll save that for another blog.

Today, we’re revealing a secret weapon you don’t want to pass up. Something other than the color on those 4 walls that is of equal if not more importance when you’re aiming for a specific environment. Hint: Choose wisely or it will be looming over you for some time…

It’s the fifth wall! The hidden gem! What makes the structure you live in a home…the ceiling. You’ve probably neglected it until now. It’s hard to reach, painfully white and traditionally goes unnoticed. You can’t expect a ceiling to stand out if you don’t give it the tools to do so (and white paint does NOT count). So what can you do? If you’re not planning on redoing the whole room, you are tasked with finding the option that complements what’s underneath it. Obviously, this is directly related to the color on your other walls, but also to your floors, color palette in the room as a whole, textures throughout, lighting (natural and artificial) and more depending on the room.

Think about your goal for the space you’re considering. Does it need an added element of warmth? Is is it a small space, relying on arrangements to make it appear spacious and open? Or maybe it just needs a bold statement to keep things interesting. Let’s talk options.

Shiplap. The hype surrounding this simple trend right now is crazy. So if you haven’t heard of it…keep reading to find out what you’re missing. Shiplap, by definition, is just wooden boards fit together in a way that they overlap at some point, usually by making a rabbet. One of the perks of using shiplap on the ceiling is that it generally looks best in white, neutral, or a natural wood stain. Shiplap goes well with farmhouse-style decor, but for a ceiling, you don’t want that being the only element you have. You might consider incorporating it into a headboard, shelving, or even covering the whole room.

Contrast. When most people hear the words “bold” and “ceiling” in the same sentence, they freak out a little bit. But did you know that in a big space, a bold color choice on the ceiling can make the room seem much more cohesive and cozy? It’s true! And if you just can’t bring yourself to go all in, try utilizing white beams to break up the color. Paired with crisp light-colored walls, this design move can really transform your space while only actually changing one thing. Stay away from glossy finishes on these darker shades, especially with a higher ceiling.

Light, bright and airy. Don’t think white…think shades of white. Especially if your other 4 walls are a darker hue, a thoughtfully planned ceiling color and finish has the ability to reflect light, making the space seem larger and balancing all of those tones really well. In general, the lower the ceiling, the glossier finish you’ll want to go for.

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