What Is Elastomeric Paint?

May 17, 2017
What Is Elastomeric Paint?

Elastomeric paint is used on masonry concrete to prevent water penetration into building interiors. The name Elastomeric comes from the word “elastic” because of its flexibility. Elastomeric paint is capable of covering hairline and pin sized holes that allow water to seep into. It does this by expanding and contracting into these tiny spaces.

This extremely durable and dirt resistant coating is strong enough to withstand wind-driven rain for up to 98 mph. Elastomeric paint can prevent mildew, dust, dirt, water leakage, and moisture that might seep into your building’s walls or roof.

Elastomeric paint coating can be applied to exterior surfaces such as metal, brick, stucco, concrete, masonry; as well as adjacent wood and metal surfaces.

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