Myths About Dark Colors

June 10, 2017
Myths About Dark Colors

Often, dark colors are viewed as being a poor choice for interior design. Many opt for light colors; however, if done correctly, dark colors can make a room feel sophisticated and stylish. Here are a few reasons why you should head on over to the dark side-

Myth: Dark colors will make the room feel small.

Crowding a room with bulky furniture or over accessorizing will in fact make the space feel small. Designing with minimal accessories will immediately cause the room to feel much bigger, even with a dark wall.

Myth: Dark colors are bland.

Although light colors are a booming trend as of now, dark colors can appear to be more sophisticated and richer. For example, berry blue has much more depth and feel than sky blue, and can immediately become a statement color once applied to a wall. Light colors are easily looked over.

Myth: Dark colors will make the room feel dreary.a

Many associate the words sad and dreary with dark colors; however, dark colors can be associated with sophistication and elegance as well. For example, emerald green can be classy, black can be exotic, and red can be striking.

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