Unique Autumn Color Trends of 2021

September 23, 2021
Unique Autumn Color Trends of 2021

Autumn days bring to mind shades of warm orange, mustard yellow, and crisp apple red. Over the last few years, we’ve seen neutrals make a comeback in French Country and Farmhouse style interior decor. We love our neutrals, and those pops of seasonal orange, yellow, and red are here to stay.

However, here are a few color trends popping up this season to bring into your home alongside those classic shades to create a truly unique, cozy space this Fall.

Olive Branch and Green Bee

Green has made quite the splash in 2021, from an increasing interest in houseplants to statement emerald velvet couches. However, these shades of green are a little more subtle and subdued than their jewel-toned cousin. Olive Branch brings the delicate hues of nature into your home, adding a breath of something fresh against the browns of Autumn. It’s a soft, earthy shade that can easily transition into any of the other seasons. Green Bee is much more rich, and a bolder statement that would be stunning used with a deft hand throughout a home. It’s a complex sea-green, and perfect for transitioning from Summer.

Spring Lake

Don’t be deceived by the name, this soft blue is pure coziness. It is a neutral blue, pairing perfectly with the other neutrals we’ve come to know and love. Place this lovely shade against Olive Branch in your home and you’ll instantly feel like snuggling up with a thick, comfy throw blanket. Going for blue in Autumn is daring, to be sure, but it will transition beautifully into Winter, and remind you of blossoms to come in Spring.


Certainly, reds have their rightful place in the Autumnal color lineup. However, this rich, almost burgundy, red takes it to the next level. This color is deep and romantic, with tones of violet throughout to give the shade some complexity. It looks and feels like everything harvest time, and makes you want to settle in for the night with a delicious glass of red wine in hand.


Yes, more neutrals! We simply can’t get enough. Although it may not seem like a particularly “unique” color choice, what makes it stand out is just how classic it is. This color is on the warmer end of a cool-toned neutral, reading almost blonde at first glance. It’s a shade that brings to mind golden wheat fields and crisp apple pies.

What statements will you make this Autumn? Give us a call today, and we’ll help you craft the cozy, color-space of your dreams.