Paint Is Magic: Here’s Why

August 24, 2021
Paint Is Magic: Here’s Why

In Alice in Wonderland, a bite of one side of a mushroom makes you grow shorter, while a bite of the other side makes you grow taller. Paint color has a similar effect on a room!

While technically not magic, you can use paint to completely transform a space. A simple selection of cleverly placed paint color tricks the eye into believing the room is bigger or smaller – even longer or shorter – than it really is.

Bigger and Smaller

The basic concept of this idea is: lighter colors make a room look larger, and darker colors make a room look smaller. If your room is smaller than you’d like, opt for colors such as white, pale blue, or light grey to brighten and open the space. However, if a room is too large, or feeling empty, try using moodier, dark shades to rein the room in.

Wide and Narrow

To make a room appear more narrow, use a lighter accent color (white or light green, for example) on the farthest wall and ceiling, and a darker shade on the remaining walls. This will draw the eye, making the room seem more narrow. Conversely, you can make a room look wider by adding a decorative chair molding around the room, and painting the wall beneath this line a darker color.

Long and Short

Make a room look longer or shorter with a classic accent wall. To shorten a room, place your dark accent wall on the far end. To lengthen it, however, extend the accent color to the ceiling for a truly unique effect.

With paint, the possibilities are endless! Let us work our magic – give Spear Paint a call today.