How To Pick the Perfect Paint Color For Your Space

July 31, 2018
How To Pick the Perfect Paint Color For Your Space

Choosing a paint color is a big commitment. Paint jobs can be expensive, time-consuming and exhausting…and that’s just the first time around. The process of coming to a decision on a color can seem ambiguous, quickly bringing you to the mindset of, “I just need to pick one!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a method to the madness?

Consider what elements of your home you’re trying to effect. This is often a combination of things you need to stay the same and things you’re attempting to change. We’ll look at what we consider the three most important categories: decor, lighting, and mood.


The more decor you already have or have picked out, the better. Your paint color should tie everything together without distracting from what you already have. And no, a neutral shade isn’t the only way to do this. Focus on the busiest textiles or accessories you’re incorporating and work from there.


Ceiling fixtures, lamps, and daylight all play a huge role in your paint color. If you’re trying out swatches on the wall, it’s smart to try it on more than one. Consider where any window light is entering the room and the different angles at which it will hit the wall. Typically, you can accurately test this with just two walls, depending on the layout of the room and placement of windows. Also, remember to move around your lamps and other artificial lights to see the way it affects the hue of your walls. You will need at least 24 hours to see your paint in *literally* every light.


This may seem obscure, but there’s actually quite a science behind the mood and vibe you’re trying to create with your paint color. You know the basics…light colors create airy, open space while dark colors are warmer and more intimate. We won’t go through each individual color but consider the groupings below.

Comfortable: Who doesn’t want their home to be comfortable? A broad term, however, we’re thinking light and airy pastels when this word comes up. Paired with other light colors and natural light, this makes for a beautiful, soft and comfortable space.

Coordinated: Somewhere in between comfortable and confident, coordinated is a safe bet when it comes to your space. Earthy and natural tones make up this palette,  making for an easy space to add your decor to.

Confident: This more describes what colors you’re pairing in your space, but think bold. Black and white paired with orange accessories. While some might not find this idea inviting, if done correctly it can make quite a statement.

You’ll also want to consider the rooms surrounding the space you’re painting. Obviously, you don’t each room to look the same, but there should be effort put into the “flow”. Too many drastic and different designs close together makes for an overwhelming space.

While most of this blog discusses paint color for four walls, the ceiling is often something forgotten…but that’s a whole other blog.