Holiday Outdoor Decorating Trends

November 16, 2016
Holiday Outdoor Decorating Trends

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means everyone should be getting into the holiday spirit especially when it comes to decorating!

Let’s look at what’s trending this year:

Outdoor decorations are hot this year and LED lighting seems to be the most popular choice.

Why LED? Energy efficient. LED lights use less wattage than standard outdoor bulbs. LED lights may cost a little more on day one but they save money down the road. They last longer and the proof is in the warranty. The manufacturers have much more confidence in the newer technology. The lights are also much brighter than incandescent. Whether it’s blue, red or green, you get a lot more eye-popping color with the LED strands.

Another popular trend is laser light projectors. They’re easy to set up and maintain. There are many options with projectors, including number of colors, amount of motion, and durability.

But don’t worry, there are still those of us who prefer the old school light strands. Many people are hanging light stands that have been in the family for a long time.

Another big trend is to let a professional decorate for you! Three biggest reasons people turn to a professional is time, serviceability and ability. Others have issues with roof lines, ladders and other service issues. And the big plus: professionals can put up, take down and store your lights until next year.

If you’re working with outdoor lights, here are some things to consider:

1. Safety. Every time you climb up to attach lights and props, you risk injury. So plan out the safest way to decorate ahead of time. Don’t wait for the first ice storm.

2. Convenience. No one likes untangling lights or struggling with non-working bulbs. Invest in modern strands that stay lit if one bulb burns out.

3. Color is back. White lights reigned for years, but multicolored lights are back in play. Kids love color. You can wow them with your most colorful display ever.

4. Plan the design. Decide ahead of time on colors and type of lights. There are many choices—incandescent, LED, clear, multicolored, mini, etc. The time to decide is not when you’re on the peak of the roof.

5. Don’t forget landscape lights. Simply replace the white bulbs in your landscape lighting fixtures with red or green bulbs to wash your house in holiday spirit.

6. Go big. How about giant lighted candy canes to form an arch over your front door? Thinking outside the box yet? What about a pile of oversized colorful gift boxes, tied up in bows? All weatherproof, of course, for outdoor use.

7. Sometimes, more isn’t better. Step back and look over your work. A house that is “too busy” can have an adverse effect on the original design. Add slowly.