Your Walls Could Use a Repaint… Here’s Why

May 28, 2020
Your Walls Could Use a Repaint… Here’s Why

Every wall needs a good paint touch-up every now and again. Paint gets scuffed and scratched, the walls collect dirt and your colors eventually begin to look dull. But, did you know you should repaint your walls for reasons other than cosmetic purposes? A routine repaint can positively impact your wallet, your health, and your home’s overall wellbeing. 

Repainting your walls helps to improve your air quality. As we previously mentioned, dirt and dust collects on every surface of your home- even your walls. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are not washing their walls as well as they should be, if at all. Additionally, if air quality is a high concern to you, check to see if your old paint colors are of low or zero-VOC quality. These paints don’t agitate allergies or potentially cause breathing issues like many other types tend to do. Give your home a fresh coat of low-VOC paint and enjoy the fresh, clean air!

Life happens. In the kitchen, if you look close enough, you may find hiddens spots of food splattered on your walls. Typically, these are too small to notice, and can cause the paint color to look dull and dirty. If you have a toddler, you may experience the occasional marker on the wall situation. Maybe you smell an odor emitting from your walls… these things happen. Don’t stress. Take it as an opportunity to switch up the color of your walls, and give your home a refresh. Change is good for the soul every once and a while- and repainting the walls is a lot cheaper than any extensive remodel!

Repaint in order to prevent buildup. These days, there are plenty of great paint options that wash well, and work to prevent dirt and dust from collecting on them in the first place. These work particularly well on items like doors, or fences that are “washed” more frequently than the walls inside your home. As a tip, regularly applying a fresh coat of paint to baseboards and trim can help prevent dust collection in these areas. Be sure and talk to an expert to choose the right type of paint for each item within your home!

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