We Genuinely Care

May 09, 2016
We Genuinely Care

At Spear Paint, we’re a family business. We’ve been working together and in the Houston community since 1976. Throughout the years, we’ve learned the value of building relationships with our customers which is why we place customer service at the top of our priorities. You can see this in all three of our divisions – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. We have developed strong bonds with our clients, employees, and partners that have stood the test of time.

When a client chooses Spear Paint as their paint contractor, for any type or size project, they will quickly realize they aren’t just getting a top-notch paint job, they’re getting the best contractor they’ve ever had. And more often than not, that client will use us exclusively.

Our clients know that they can pick up the phone and call anyone in the company and speak with an expert. All of our employees are so thoroughly trained that all of us can handle any question – which saves you the hassle of having to wait on hold or have your call returned later.

All of our divisions strive to be the “best of the best” every day. After four hard-working decades we have earned a reputation as THE premier paint contractor in Texas. Being the best of the best in three business sectors is rare and takes a ton of teamwork. That’s what makes us unique. We genuinely care.