Shades of Autumn 2020

October 13, 2020
Shades of Autumn 2020

When we think of Autumn, shades of red, yellow and orange are typically the first that come to mind. Gold, rust and clay are just a few of the trendy, modern hues we begin to see when September rolls around. But there are a few unexpected, more subtle shades that are perfect for fall. These hues give off a cozy, warming environment, but they’re also perfect to have in your home year round.

Olive Green

This deep, gorgeous color became popular a few years ago, and we’re so glad it did. Olive green is the perfect middle shade between hunter and sage- it is deep and dramatic without feeling too dark, nor too light. If used correctly, it can even be a great “neutral” shade that blends into almost any pre existing color palette. 

Our favorite ways to use olive? Use it on an accent wall, or as the main color in a room that you want to be dark and moody (like an office). However, our absolute favorite way to use this color is on furniture- it looks bold and adds a pop of color to the room while still remaining sophisticated. 

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta has been associated with Spanish and Bohemian decor style in the past, but it’s emerging as a solid choice for a warm neutral. If you want the color to act as bold pop of color, opt for a shade that has more orange tones mixed in. If you’re into a more relaxed, subtle look, consider a shade that reads more beige. Terra cotta is beautiful as an all over wall color for individuals that like to experiment with color, but may be better suited as an accent shade for others. 


It’s everywhere- this beautiful deep, golden yellow shade is perfect for adding cheer and light to a color palette, without being too overwhelming. Mustard goes beautifully with so many colors, including red, brown, green, orange, and pink. Take a modern twist on the sunshine yellow kitchen by switching it out for a deep, sophisticated mustard while still achieving that cheerful effect.

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