Preparing Your Home for a Smooth Paint Job

December 16, 2020
Preparing Your Home for a Smooth Paint Job

Having your home painted is exciting! A fresh coat of paint is like a new, clean slate for your room. But, before the work can get done, you first have to prep your space! Follow these steps to get your walls ready to be painted, and ensure a smooth, clean transition from one color to the next- for both your family and your contractor.

Remove any art and decor from your walls. This one is a no-brainer! Take any and all items off your walls, and place them in a safe space where they will stay dry and untouched. This goes for all knick knacks and table top decorations, as well as your throw pillows, blankets and rugs. Even if they are well away from the walls, it’s best to pack them away so that the space is free and clear for your contractors to work. This is the easiest way to ensure all of your items stay in tip top shape! 

Second, move your furniture! While it may be obvious that you need to move furniture away from the walls that are being painted, we recommend taking it one step further. If possible, move all the furniture from your project room into a completely different area or room in your house. This eliminates any possibility of them getting damaged, and gives your contractors room to work freely without obstacles. The last thing you want is them to have to waste time working around your furniture! 

Deep clean your project rooms! Some people don’t think to clean their space before the contractors come in, as they assume it’ll get dirty during the process. For the best results possible, we recommend our clients to clean their space completely. Why? If your space has dust, it may make its way onto your freshly painted walls before drying. We don’t want that! 

Be sure and give all your surfaces a thorough wipe down, including windows, windowsills, fans, wall trim and the corners of your floor. You can even give your ceilings and walls a gentle wipe down to help remove any dust or dirt. Be sure to vacuum and mop, and you should be good to go! 

Follow these simple steps to prep your house for painting, and you’ll be as good as gold! Get ready for freshly painted walls in no time!