Keys to Painting a Ceiling

December 16, 2019
Keys to Painting a Ceiling

There are more components to painting a room than just the walls. To complete the look and have everything looking shiny and new, start with the ceiling and finish with the trim. Here are some keys to painting your ceiling right the first time as well as some new ideas in ceiling design to keep you on-trend.

To start, prep the surface just as you would the walls. Repair any cracks or holes first, and choose the appropriate paint application tools. Some people prefer using rollers attached to extender handles. Others prefer the spray method. Be sure to wear protective gear when spraying to prevent inhaling the paint particles.

Paint sheen and color are just as important on the ceiling as they are the walls and trim. Usually, ceilings are done in a flat sheen and it’s easy to choose a color because most brands of paint make one called “ceiling white.”

If you want to think outside the box, try going with a color on the ceiling. Trending ideas are to paint the entire ceiling in a shade of blue. Ethereal blue like Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore is a soft touch of blue-green. A beautiful sky blue will bring the open feeling of the outdoors inside.

Consider using a metallic color on the ceiling. With rosy pink still a hot décor color, a golden ceiling in the bedroom coordinates nicely. Rose gold on the ceiling in the bathroom packs a punch when paired with faucets and fixtures of the same. Metallics work great on the dining room ceiling, too.

Use your home’s architecture to your advantage. Paint a tray ceiling in rich, deep color and coat the trim in a bright white. Use molding on the ceiling to create a geometric pattern with this color scheme as well for some drama.