How Paint Colors Increase Productivity in the Workplace

August 06, 2020
How Paint Colors Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Here at Spear Paint, we don’t just offer painting services for residential homes. In fact, much of our focus is on commercial paint services for local businesses. Our services include repainting and maintenance of high end commercial facilities. Additionally, we’re active in the restoration of condominium and townhome properties, as well as high rise condominium buildings around town. We’re proud to serve some of Houston’s finest businesses, including the Galleria, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Texas Medical Center just to name a few! 

While choosing paint colors for one’s personal home may be easy, picking out a color scheme for commercial businesses is different. Rather than simply choosing a color you like, it’s important to take a look at the psychology behind the colors in order to make the best decision. 

The business drives the color scheme. If you want your business to portray the image of luxury and prestige to your clients, you opt for dark and bold colors that capture your brand’s message. If your brand image is more clean and minimalistic, calming neutral hues are a better bet. However, little consider how the colors you choose to have in your workspace can actually have an effect on your employees! 


The color yellow is known to stimulate emotion, and is usually related to uplifting, happy feelings. If you want to provide invigoration and encourage positivity in the workplace, yellow is a great choice. A pale yellow can be used as an all over paint color, while bolder hues work best as an accent color.


Being a natural color found in nature, blue is soothing for many. Blue is known to stimulate the mind, increasing both creativity and productivity. It can help employees to better endure long workdays and daunting tasks. Another great thing about blue? There are so many different shades to choose from! Baby blue, sky blue, royal blue, navy and teal… the options are endless!


The color green communicates calmness, balance and peace. Humans tend to gravitate towards green, as it reminds of the natural world- it’s the color of mother earth. Just as beloved houseplants add a touch of green to our living spaces, the color on our walls can help to ground us in the same way. Dark, rich greens can be used as a statement wall, while muted tones can be used all over. 

When choosing a color scheme for your business, these are important insights to account for! However, nothing can replace an expert opinion. To discuss commercial painting services, contact us at 713-664-5150, or email one of our team members!