What To Do If You Hate Your Paint Color

July 29, 2019
What To Do If You Hate Your Paint Color

You’ve gone to the paint store, chosen a color swatch and looked at it in the room you want to paint. You may have purchased a sample of the color and painted a test area on the wall. You’ve looked at the sample in daylight and at night. It looks great, so you have your room painted. But, what if, when the paint dries, you just don’t like it? Here are a few tips that you can do for damage control.

The most obvious answer may seem to simply re-paint the room a different color. Instead of going for something completely different, try a shade one step up or down on the color card, depending on if your color is too light or too dark. If the color is “right” but the tone is not, you can have the paint store reduce the percentage of color in the paint by 50% or more to lighten it up, and vice versa to darken.

If repainting isn’t feasible – maybe you don’t have the budget or the time to choose another color – you still have options. Add back your décor by hanging pictures and drapes back on the walls to cover some of the space. Take photos or art from other rooms to create a different style that may change your opinion of the color.

Another option is to add a faux finish over top. Easy ideas include sponging, color meshing, or rag rolling. Stay tuned to future articles for details on how to do these techniques yourself!

If you’re still not happy with your chosen color, give us a call and we will help you pick another. Spear Paint provides in-home paint color consultations to help you get your walls just right. We want you to be happy and love where you live!