Fall Interior Must-Haves

September 11, 2018
Fall Interior Must-Haves

While the weather in Texas might not *quite* reflect the fall vibes we’re all waiting for, that doesn’t mean we can’t start decorating, right?

If you’re like most of the homeowning population, you have some version of a neutral color palette in your main living area. Take advantage of this! Fold up your throws and pillows and replace them with some festive colors and patterns. Plaids are perfect for this time of year, exuding a sense of comfort and warmth. Go for deep shades of orange, yellow and red to remind people that even though it might not feel like fall outside, it sure feels like it inside. (Hint: smells achieve this almost just as well…check out our favorite fall spice scent)

Everyone knows a good fall wreath soothes the soul. Whether you decide to go the DIY route or storebought, the way you hang it can make all the difference. Even if the wreath you picked up doesn’t come with a hanger, you can purchase any color coordinating thick ribbon to give it the pop it needs.

Firefly lights seem to have a place in every DIY project nowadays. Well, it’s time to re-purpose them, again, with this cute fall decorating idea. Arranging a strand of these lights in a mason jar with your choice of dried moss, leaves or any item from your front yard that gives the illusion of fall makes for an adorable piece for the coffee table. You can create it in different sized jars on a tray amongst something small like acorns or branches, making for a nice centerpiece in the dining room. The possibilities are endless with this one…get creative and have fun with it!