Extending the Life of Exterior Paint

April 26, 2016
Extending the Life of Exterior Paint

When painting the exterior of your house, hiring a professional will not only save you time now, but it will also save you time down the road with minimal upkeep. The experts at Spear know the value of using the appropriate primer, applying a high-quality paint designed for the heat and humidity we experience in this part of Texas, and proper application technique to eliminate brush marks and drips. Now that your house is the best looking one on the block thanks to a fresh coat of exterior paint applied by Spear professionals, here are some tips to keep it in great shape.

  • Wash your house. This may seem like a huge project, but it’s really not that bad. Just hosing down your home once a year can remove dirt and grime that could eat away at your paint. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate – especially areas that don’t get rinsed by rain water.
  • Clean siding. If your home has siding, use a scrub brush, warm water and non-residual cleaner to scrub by hand. This will help remove mold or mildew before it causes damage and the siding needs to be replaced.
  • Clean your gutters. Overflowing and clogged gutters can leak and cause drip marks. Cleaning them will also help maintain their paint job as well.
  • Do touch-ups. If you notice small areas where the paint is bubbling or peeling, sand it away and apply fresh paint. You may need to apply caulking before the paint on joints.

Early spring and fall are the best times to paint your home’s exterior. The heat isn’t as intense then, which will help the paint coats dry evenly. The somewhat lower humidity during these months will also help with paint drying and eliminating streaking.

Contact the professionals at Spear to get an estimate on repainting your home’s exterior as well as performing maintenance and touch-up work.