Company safety

April 04, 2016
Company safety

As a contractor, Spear Paint takes company safety very seriously. The safety of our employees is paramount, but so is the safety of our customers, their property, and the environment. In fact, we empower each of our employees with the ability to shut down a job if they feel that the safety of people, property or the environment could be in jeopardy.

Spear Paint honestly believes that through training and preventative measures, we can work incident-free every day. Our wide range of safe work practices include daily tailgate safety meetings, job safety analysis, and company-wide incident reviews and audits. These procedures apply not only to our industrial division, but to our commercial and residential as well.

Spear Paint only uses the highest quality paints with low-odor to limit the amount of fumes, providing a safer environment for those who encounter the painted space. We have extensive insurance coverage for all of our jobs. We also have a foreman on site to oversee work quality and to ensure that safe practices are being followed.

Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art, properly maintained tools and equipment. Preparing for a job always entails close, meticulous protection. All equipment and tools are thoroughly cleaned and safely stored at job’s end.

Spear Paint’s reputation for servicing Houston’s premier real estate, as well as being the contractor of choice for local businesses, hinges on our commitment to safety. We care about our customers and our employees and will continue to operate at the highest safety standards.