A Change of Color for 2017

February 20, 2017
A Change of Color for 2017

Reflecting back, 2016 was the year of light and airy with a touch of nature. We saw pale whites and greys with light browns, pale greens, light blues, and dark turquoise. It was all about the natural and rustic look. But will the white and grey palette trend carry over?

You can never go wrong pairing white or grey with anything. Depending on the feel you’re going for, light colors always create an inviting atmosphere. However, it has been predicted that colors are fighting their way back into the scene, looking more vibrant than ever.

Saturated colors such as red, orange, indigo, and green pair really well with the current palette of grey and white. Since these colors are so loud, more neutral colors (such as grey and white) balance out the mood, still creating a relaxing but eye catching atmosphere.

While the natural, rustic palette is still in, the forecast deems bright splashes of color in the near future. Consider trying this trend with a bright red couch or bar stools, or try painting navy accents in your home next to a light grey color. To maintain a classic yet natural look, use only one or two of these saturated colors in your home with an abundance of white or light grey.