5 Reasons To Freshen Up Your Home’s Interior Paint

October 12, 2017
5 Reasons To Freshen Up Your Home’s Interior Paint

There are many perks to refreshing your home with paint. You should aim to repaint every couple of years. Here’s why:

Your Paint Color Is Out of Style – What was once considered a popular color a couple years ago has most likely outdated your home. It’s best to stay away from fad colors such as salmon, olive green, or royal purple. There’s no shame in trying fad colors, especially if you like them. The rule of thumb is to try to keep a fresh coat of paint in your home yearly or every other year if you decide to go with fad colors.

The Room Feels Off – If you feel like something is off when you walk into the room, it may be the paint color! Some paint colors can make a room feel small or dark. Others might make a room feel too big or busy. Experiment with color and find out what mood you are trying to accomplish, and what makes you feel most like home.

Your Paint is Damaged – Stained, chipped, cracked or fading paint can instantly make a room look bad. No worries if you are in love with the color! Paint color can easily be matched. It is best to go with a full paint job rather than patching/covering damaged spots. This way you won’t be able to see where damage has been repaired or painted over.

Your Home Accessories Clash with the Color – You may have a certain theme that runs through your home or through each room. Paint color can polish a room instantly and tie all of your room accessories together seamlessly.

You’ve Redesigned the Room – Maybe you’ve converted your son’s bedroom into a guest room. Or maybe you’ve converted the kitchen room into an open concept dining space. Paint helps transition one room to another, and can easily change the style of a room.

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