4 Christmas Decor Trends

November 30, 2018
4 Christmas Decor Trends

4 Christmas Decor Trends to Make Your Home Merry & Bright

The stores are filled with everything Christmas, which can put even the grumpiest Grinch into the holiday spirit. Whether you are changing things up this year or sticking with the traditional, here are some of the top trends for decorating your home this Christmas. 

#1- Tree Collar or Basket

Instead of the traditional tree skirt, try a tree collar or basket. They come in a variety of textures and materials, from woven baskets in all colors to galvanized collars. Both of these unique options add depth and character to your tree. You can find them in most stores, but if you’re the DIY type, then Pinterest gives some great ideas with step-by-step directions on how to make one perfect for your tree.

#2- Bring Nature Inside

Your tree is usually your most natural element and the focal point of all your decorations. There are many ways to enhance and compliment your tree throughout your home. Gathering pine cones and small branches to place throughout your core entertaining areas can make it feel like your entire home is decorated, even with just a few small pieces. Placing these natural elements on your accent tables and bookshelves gives your decor a more rustic and cozy look. Using brown and black wrapping paper on your gifts with twine, pine cones, and small pine branches, or even rosemary twigs, really helps tie this look all together.

#3- Non-Traditional Colors

Instead of the typical reds and greens, try non-traditional colors like blacks, pinks, and creams. These are all hot colors this year, so why not intertwine them into your Christmas decorations. You can find these colors in Christmas tree ornaments, accent rugs, and fuzzy throw blankets.

#4- Lights, Lights, and more Lights

Christmas lights are nothing new, but finding additional ways to light up spaces are in. Using battery operated lights to make a new centerpiece for your dining room table is the perfect way to add warmth and a twinkle to your decorations. Again, Pinterest is a great resource to find ideas on how to incorporate lights throughout your entire home to add even more magic to your holiday season.