Why Exterior Maintenance is Important for Your Business

Why Exterior Maintenance is Important for Your Business

Regular exterior maintenance is so important for any business! Not only is the physical appearance of your business one of the first things your customers will see, but it can also help to pull in new potential customers, just based on looks alone! 

It’s a simple fact, a great paint job will make your business look more professional! Your customers want to pull up to a building that looks professional, clean and well maintained. Never underestimate the power of your business’s exterior! In fact, many customers will make a quick judgement on your business based on the color palette alone. By investing in regular exterior paint maintenance, many businesses are likely to see their foot traffic increase.

Consult with your paint team in order to create a color palette that represents your business, and appeals to your desired  customer base. For example, if you’re a child care center, it may be wise for you to go with a palette that is more playful, appealing to both children and their parents. A professional paint contractor can help you select a complementary range of colors that fit within this criteria, without appearing too jarring or unprofessional.

However, there’s more to exterior maintenance than just a pleasant appearance. A great paint company will ensure your building is strong, as well as weather and damage resistant. Without regular maintenance, your build is likely to face issues with moisture infiltration. Eventually this can cause cracks, mold, dry rot and peeling paint, which is not only unsightly, but very costly to fix. The best bet is to prevent these issues from happening in the first place! During your maintenance checks, a team of professionals will inspect your building to check for any possible signs of damage, and repair them before the problem begins to get out of hand.

While it may seem costly to pay for routine maintenance, it can actually save money in the long run! Paying for a full exterior repaint job every couple years becomes expensive very quickly. Instead, invest in regular checks to keep your current paint job in tip top shape, extending it’s life and the overall “health” of your building!

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Preparing Your Home for a Smooth Paint Job

Preparing Your Home for a Smooth Paint Job

Having your home painted is exciting! A fresh coat of paint is like a new, clean slate for your room. But, before the work can get done, you first have to prep your space! Follow these steps to get your walls ready to be painted, and ensure a smooth, clean transition from one color to the next- for both your family and your contractor.

Remove any art and decor from your walls. This one is a no-brainer! Take any and all items off your walls, and place them in a safe space where they will stay dry and untouched. This goes for all knick knacks and table top decorations, as well as your throw pillows, blankets and rugs. Even if they are well away from the walls, it’s best to pack them away so that the space is free and clear for your contractors to work. This is the easiest way to ensure all of your items stay in tip top shape! 

Second, move your furniture! While it may be obvious that you need to move furniture away from the walls that are being painted, we recommend taking it one step further. If possible, move all the furniture from your project room into a completely different area or room in your house. This eliminates any possibility of them getting damaged, and gives your contractors room to work freely without obstacles. The last thing you want is them to have to waste time working around your furniture! 

Deep clean your project rooms! Some people don’t think to clean their space before the contractors come in, as they assume it’ll get dirty during the process. For the best results possible, we recommend our clients to clean their space completely. Why? If your space has dust, it may make its way onto your freshly painted walls before drying. We don’t want that! 

Be sure and give all your surfaces a thorough wipe down, including windows, windowsills, fans, wall trim and the corners of your floor. You can even give your ceilings and walls a gentle wipe down to help remove any dust or dirt. Be sure to vacuum and mop, and you should be good to go! 

Follow these simple steps to prep your house for painting, and you’ll be as good as gold! Get ready for freshly painted walls in no time! 


Why Your Paint Shade Looks Different than Expected

Why Your Paint Shade Looks Different than Expected

Choosing a paint color can be relatively simple, or very overwhelming. It depends on the type of person you are (perfectionists, we’re looking at you!), and what color range you’re going for. If you’re choosing out of a variety of blue or green shades, you might be more picky than if you’re choosing a white or gray shade. But should this be the case? 

Even neutral shades like white, cream, gray or beige can vary greatly from one shade to the next, and should be picked accordingly. Don’t just settle on the first shade you see! Consider the paint’s finish and it’s undertones in order to choose the best shade for the room. It’s truly amazing how different the same shade of paint can look from one room to the next. There are a few reasons for this…


Just like with anything else in life, colors can appear dramatically different depending on the lighting conditions in which you’re looking at them. From the amount of natural lighting your room has, to which direction it comes from, and even the time of year can change the appearance. Take all these factors into account when choosing a shade! Certain lighting conditions can cause whites to look yellow or green, or beige to look very brown. Our suggestion? Test paint colors out on your wall, even if you just tape on the swatch! This will help you envision the paint color, in order to make sure you’re truly happy with how it looks in your home.


Ensure you like the look of your chosen shade’s finish before committing! Matte, sheen, eggshell, satin, flat… there are a lot of different options! And they can all drastically change the way we perceive the color once painted on the wall.


Consider your room’s decor style and color palette. For example, imagine you want to paint a room white, but it already has a lot of white decor or furniture. A poorly chosen shade could look yellow or blue in comparison to your furniture’s preexisting shade, or vice versa. Carefully choose a shade that complements it, or perhaps opt for a grey or beige instead. Likewise, rooms with dark colored furniture can cause some shades to look unexpectedly lighter in comparison. These are all things to consider, and illustrates why swatching paint shades is important!

Have questions about a particular shade? Want color recommendations for a room? We’re here to help! Contact us at 13-664-5150, or email one of our team members to schedule a consultation!


Shades of Autumn 2020

Shades of Autumn 2020

When we think of Autumn, shades of red, yellow and orange are typically the first that come to mind. Gold, rust and clay are just a few of the trendy, modern hues we begin to see when September rolls around. But there are a few unexpected, more subtle shades that are perfect for fall. These hues give off a cozy, warming environment, but they’re also perfect to have in your home year round.

Olive Green

This deep, gorgeous color became popular a few years ago, and we’re so glad it did. Olive green is the perfect middle shade between hunter and sage- it is deep and dramatic without feeling too dark, nor too light. If used correctly, it can even be a great “neutral” shade that blends into almost any pre existing color palette. 

Our favorite ways to use olive? Use it on an accent wall, or as the main color in a room that you want to be dark and moody (like an office). However, our absolute favorite way to use this color is on furniture- it looks bold and adds a pop of color to the room while still remaining sophisticated. 

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta has been associated with Spanish and Bohemian decor style in the past, but it’s emerging as a solid choice for a warm neutral. If you want the color to act as bold pop of color, opt for a shade that has more orange tones mixed in. If you’re into a more relaxed, subtle look, consider a shade that reads more beige. Terra cotta is beautiful as an all over wall color for individuals that like to experiment with color, but may be better suited as an accent shade for others. 


It’s everywhere- this beautiful deep, golden yellow shade is perfect for adding cheer and light to a color palette, without being too overwhelming. Mustard goes beautifully with so many colors, including red, brown, green, orange, and pink. Take a modern twist on the sunshine yellow kitchen by switching it out for a deep, sophisticated mustard while still achieving that cheerful effect.

Do one of these colors catch your eye? Give us a call and we can walk you through creating a custom color palette for your home! Contact us at 13-664-5150, or email one of our team members!


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