Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

In the home industry, curb appeal is your greatest asset. The exterior of a home is one’s first impression, and it’s important to make it a good one! Though first impressions aren’t everything, they are extremely important when it comes to attracting potential buyers!

When it comes time to sell one’s home, typically, much of the money for renovations goes towards the interior. However, don’t underestimate what a simple coat of paint on your exterior can do! It’s important to set aside some of your renovation budget for updating the outside, resulting in more interested buyers, and often a higher selling price! 

Now to choose a color! Your choice of color should depend on a couple different factors, including budget, neighborhood and the style of your home. For example, if your home is currently a dark color, it may cost more to repaint it in a lighter shade. Additionally, if your neighborhood is filled with classic homes in neutral colors, sticking to that general color scheme will be your best bet. When in doubt, consider your ideal buyer! Here are some of the current top color schemes for exterior repaints…


The most popular choice, neutral shades are always a safe bet. These shades appeal to a wide range of buyers, and work well in any neighborhood. Light and dark grey, beige and tan are all great choices that will stand the test of time, and also require less maintenance over all.

Shades of Blue

Blue is a great choice for those who want to do something a little bit different with their exterior color, but still want to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Both light and dark blue have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These color schemes seem to fare particularly well with Craftsman style homes, typically paired with trim in a crisp white. 

Green and Brown

These earthy colors are great choices because they tend to blend into the surrounding natural atmosphere. This way, you get a nice pop of color without it seeming too stark. In this color scheme, the darker the shade the better! To maintain a sophisticated appearance, we suggest staying away from light greens.

White and Black

Lastly, we have the classic combination of white and black. These days, stark white houses are one of the most popular home trends. With trim or shutters in the right shade of black, this combination will make any home look fresh and modern.

Need advice on which color to choose for your exterior repaint? Give us a call today!


Save Money on Your Next Paint Job!

Save Money on Your Next Paint Job!

Many homeowners try to save a couple bucks by painting their house themselves. While the cost of paint is cheap, hidden costs such as supplies and equipment tend to add up. Not to mention the many hours you’ll spend trying to perfect your DIY paint job! 

Rather than sacrificing your weekend, hire professionals that can do the job right, and in a timely manner! Looking for ways to save money on your next painting project? As professionals, we can help with that! Read on to discover our top money-saving tips.

First, compare quotes!

If it’s your first time hiring a painter in the area, compare several quotes to ensure you’re getting a fair price. But remember, don’t discount quality! Keep your eyes peeled for companies with plenty of years of experience, and a repertoire of good reviews. Be sure and ask questions so you have a good understanding of the service being provided! 

Provide your own paint.

The cost of paint typically makes up nearly a fourth of the total bid, so providing your own paint is a sure-fire way to reduce the overall price of your paint job. However, be sure you’re purchasing high quality paint that is meant to last! By using cheap paint, you’re shortening the life of the paint job you’re spending good money on . 

Additionally, be ready and willing to pick up more paint should your painters need it! Before purchasing, it’s smart to ask for an estimate on how much paint will be needed for your project, to avoid running out.

Stick with lighter colors.

Not only are lighter colors easier to paint over, but they also tend to last a lot longer! Darker paint colors will fade faster, and show dirt and grime more easily. Additionally, they are harder to paint over. To avoid more frequent paint jobs, stick with light shades!

Maintain your paint job.

Don’t wait too long in between paint jobs! This is the biggest mistake we tend to see. People think they are saving money by stretching their paint jobs to the limit, when the opposite is true. 

If you’re waiting until the point where your paint begins bubbling, peeling or blistering, it’s going to cost far more to repaint, simply because of the hours spent preparing the surface to be painted. Trust us, routine maintenance is your friend!

We hope you found a few of these tips helpful! The next time you’re in the market for a paint job, give us a call!


The Perfect Shades for Spring

The Perfect Shades for Spring

Ah, Spring. Here in Texas, Spring is fleeting. We get but just a few weeks of beautiful weather before our temperatures stay in the 90’s all summer long. Due to this, many homeowners love to decorate for spring and preserve that fresh feeling for as long as they can! We’ve chosen a few pantone paint shades that perfectly capture the essence of spring, and blend into even the most modern interior design trends!

Heirloom Lilac

Lilac is one of the newer trends we’ve been seeing pop up this year. This pantone shade is on the darker side, with some apparent gray undertones that allows it to act as more of a dark neutral, rather than a pastel. This shade would be absolutely perfect as an accent wall for a darker, cool toned room!


A few years back, “millennial pink” became extremely popular, and it’s safe to say the pink trend is here to stay! While elderberry definitely has some pink undertones, it’s more of a muted berry color. As part of the mauve family, it has both pink and purple tones, combining to create a gorgeous shade that would work beautifully in a sophisticated dining room, or as a cabinet color in a bright, fun kitchen!


This shade is almost like a classic beige-neutral, but it’s subtle pink undertones give it a bit of edge and interest that we think would work really well in a lot of homes. We love seeing the “neutrals” family expand, and see clients open to new tones!


This is the ultimate, soft dusty blue shade that you’ve been searching for. For those that are tired of neutrals but prefer lighter colors, try this out in your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen. It’s great for just about anywhere! 

Aqua Haze 

This is a beautiful shade of light teal that rests right in the middle of blue and green. This would be a great choice for an accent wall, or to use in the kitchen as a pop of color on your cabinets and woodwork.

Did any of these colors strike your fancy? If you’re ready to get your home fresh for spring, give us a call today! 


Accent Walls are Making a Come Back

Accent Walls are Making a Come Back

Accent walls have been popular for quite some time now, and for good reason! They allow people to experiment with bold colors and patterns, without the commitment of painting an entire room. This way, the everyday homeowner is able to play with color in their home, without it being too overwhelming. And if they end up not liking the color, it is simple to repaint one wall instead of four. It’s a win-win!

Over the past couple of years, as interior design and home trends have begun to shift and change, accent walls are evolving to fit into modern home designs. Keep reading to find out how accent walls are making a comeback!

First things first, accents walls don’t have to be a bright color. They don’t even have to be a bold color. They simply offer a chance to bring contrast into a room. So if you’re not a fan of dark blues or bright reds, no need to worry. You can still enjoy an accent wall! 

Some of our favorite color options include:


  • Black (with blue tones)
  • Navy
  • Emerald Green
  • Dark Grey


  • Sage or Olive Green
  • Light Blues (with grey tones)
  • Grey
  • Wood (shiplap or patterned)
  • White with a painted pattern

As you may notice, cool toned colors are typically more popular as accent walls. Unlike warm tones, cool tones are generally more relaxing, and pair with a wider variety of colors! 

Accents draw attention to architectural features.

Do you have a favorite feature of your room? Perhaps you love your new painted brick fireplace, or the kitchen has a beautiful indented breakfast nook. By choosing a suitable, contrasting color that coordinates with the rest of the room, you can draw more attention to your favorite areas, highlighting instead of hiding them.

Paint your built-ins to act as accent walls.

Built-in cabinets, bookshelves or even kitchen islands offer a fantastic opportunity to bring in a contrasting color, introducing another element of interest into a space. Imagine an all-white kitchen with an island whose base is painted a deep, dark blue. This one pop of color transforms the way the space feels, bringing a sophisticated feeling, without causing the entire room to feel dark. Just a touch of color in the right place- that’s what accents are about!

Accent walls help define purpose in your space.

Use color to help define purpose in the midst of a large space. Perhaps your living room is an open floor plan, and you’re seeking to define the spaces within that large room. An accent wall can help determine what part of that space is your dining room, without using any kind of divider.

Have some ideas on how an accent wall can elevate your space? Contact us today, let’s add a pop of color to your home!



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