Selling Your Home? Invest in Exterior Painting

Selling Your Home? Invest in Exterior Painting

Are you thinking about selling your home in the near future? A freshly painted house can drastically increase the overall sell-ability of one’s home. Not only does a professional paint job improve curb appeal, but it can actually increase the monetary value of your home!

Whether your home just needs a few touch ups here and there, or you need to cover up a bright color, having your home repainted before putting it on the market is never a bad idea! There are several reasons for this. First things first, neutral color homes are more attractive to buyers. Gray, white, beige or tan are all safe choices, and give the illusion of a “clean slate,” in comparison to houses sporting bright, unusual colors. Second, when selling a home, you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible! If your home looks dirty and is obviously in need of a paint job, you may lose buyers who are looking for a move-in-ready home, and unwilling to take extra steps. With an exterior repaint, you’ll increase your curb appeal, which can aid in a faster sell.

A simple exterior paint job can truly raise the value of your home! By spending the extra time and money to get your house repainted, you’re signaling to buyers that your home has been well maintained and taken care of. Additionally, buyers will be happy to know that they won’t need to worry about an exterior repaint for a number of years. Because of these factors, your buyers will be willing to pay more money for your home! 

By giving your house the TLC it needs (and deserves), you can get a better return on your home, and a quicker selling period!



scmedia, Author at Spear Paint

We proudly serve Houston’s finest neighborhoods including:

River Oaks, Memorial, Tanglewood, and Bay Oaks.

Our Residential division specializes in the repainting of fine homes/estates. Our customers include countless residents of Houston’s finest neighborhoods, decorators, designers, residential and commercial property management companies, general contractors, architects, realtors, and building owners.

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scmedia, Author at Spear Paint
Our Commercial Painting division participates in selective new construction, but is primarily focused on the repainting and maintenance of high end commercial facilities. Further, Spear Paint Contracting, Inc. is active in the restoration of condominium and town home properties, as well as high rise condominium buildings.

We proudly serve Houston’s finest establishments. Commercial services include interior and exterior painting of lofts, hi-rise buildings, historical buildings and more.

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Spear Industrial Coatings

scmedia, Author at Spear Paint
Spear Industrial Coatings was founded in 1976 and has dedicated over 40 years to becoming a leader in the development and management of industrial coatings solutions. We specialize in high quality surface preparation and coatings for storage tanks and vessels, structural steel and industrial equipment. By providing services designed to prevent corrosion, we help clients avoid costly steel repair or replacement.

To assure quality services, our employees are certified in application, product usage, chemical safe handling, and proper surface preparation for maximum adhesion. The Spear team is committed to efficient operations and the highest level of safety standards.

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Call us today for an estimate on your next project.