Craftsmanship is critical to the quality of every job at Spear Paint Contracting, Inc. However, our customers demand more than simply the skill of applications when defining craftsmanship. Honesty, reliability and accountability are characteristics that are a must for our crews.

Due to Spear Paint Contracting, Inc.’s reputation for servicing Houston’s premier real estate, we attract the area’s most skilled applicants. Our painters are not only extensively trained in the craft, but they are employees who are the first and foremost decent, polite, hardworking people whose values must match their skills.

Care of our customers’ property and contents is paramount to the successful execution of each project. Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art properly maintained tools and equipment. Preparing for a job always entails close, meticulous protection.

When our customers review the insurance coverage we provide, as well as see the emphasis we place on neat and uniformed employees and first-class company vehicles, they realize we have made a substantial investment into our image and reputation. We at Spear Paint Contracting, Inc. understand very clearly the fastest way to tarnish that image and ruin a good job is to not properly protect customers’ property.

The management team at Spear Paint Contracting, Inc. is a group of very experienced and talented individuals who share a commitment to continually be recognized as Houston’s leading residential painting contractor. Our day-to-day efforts are geared toward providing everything necessary to be successful in this endeavor.

The structure for supervision on Spear Paint Contracting, Inc.’s jobs was created and is maintained with one primary objective in mind: that each customer feels that their job is our only job. Each of our projects is staffed with a job foreman who works with the tools and is on the jobsite at all times. His immediate supervisor is the general superintendent, who checks the job in the morning, and afternoon if at all possible, every day the job is in progress. The general superintendent reports to the project manager, who is responsible to the customer and visits the job daily.

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